Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus Handy Gimbal 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer for Smartphone iPhone 11/11 Pro/X XR XS Samsung S10, S9, Note 9/8,Sport Inception Mode Visual Auto Tracking 280g Payload

rinnadewatasari 13/10/2021 1601

Important premise: I returned this model for two reasons: 1. Most importantly, because I found that the same company also produces a multi 3 model that can be installed, in addition to mobile phones, there is also an action cam or a small camera like sony RX 100, I found another model (the same except Some details), the price is slightly higher. 2. I am experiencing difficulties because the app cannot connect to the gimbal via Bluetooth. However, I later discovered that it most likely depends on the permissions granted by the phone to the application itself, and subsequently granting permissions is not enough. In fact, in the new model I uninstalled the application; re-downloaded and re-installed, granted permission and connected immediately. So probably due to my mistake, it doesn't work on this model. Now let's take a look at the actual gimbal. Packed in a hard padded box, which is very useful for transporting and protecting it. It's a pity that it doesn't have a handle, but it doesn't matter, other models don't have a similar case. Inside we found a universal joint and a plastic tripod that can be screwed in. This is a well-made plastic that can bear the weight of a universal joint. The universal joint itself is made of plastic materials. Except for the motor, the part must be metal, but the whole gives a sense of strength and stability. The handle has a rubber part to ensure a good grip and avoid unpleasant sliding. The front controls are cleverly laid out and can be easily operated with the thumb. There i

s a trigger on the back that can be pressed with your index finger. It has two functions: 1. Reset the gimbal and return it to the axis. 2. Turning on the sport mode is more sensitive than the normal mode. There is always a usb port on the handle, which can use the gimbal as a mobile power supply to power the phone. There is also a threaded hole on the side that allows us to add accessories, such as spotlights or surveillance器控制。 Controls. An led system indicates the battery level, Bluetooth connection and the mode of the pan/tilt (it has 4 usage modes for different types of creative shooting). The mobile application is well done, which further expands the creative possibilities. It also has a wide range of settings that allow us to make a high level of customization and, among other things, adjust the speed of the motor. In short, compared to other more well-known models, this hohem is indeed a high-quality universal joint that offers many performances that other components don't have at a competitive price. Please note that the load capacity of 280 grams is suitable for almost all the most famous mobile phones for shooting and photographing. Conclusion: In my opinion, if you are only interested in mobile phones, you can buy separately purchased accessories or adapt to action cams), which is superior to other more well-known brands in many aspects. Competitive price, well-designed application, with many functions. 5 stars are well deserved. I will review my multi 3 model in detail after returning it.

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