Amazing discounts on Honor band 5i

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Amazing discounts on Honor band 5i

Smartwatches are becoming more and more popular among students and business people today. Many people think that watching a band is a waste of money. But wearing a bracelet not only looks very attractive but also has many other features. Today I will enlighten you about the characteristics and Band 5i sale. This watch with a ribbon is very beautiful and emphasizes your personality. You will be in euphoria when you hear that the time has come to sell the band 5i. You can get this amazing watch with bracelets on sale. Many people are waiting for the sale to buy items. So, for those friends who are waiting for the sale to buy the Band 5i, the time has come.

Most people love to wear watches. They wear watches because they keep track of time and they look stylish too. A good watch on your wrist draws people to you. But nowadays people prefer to wear watch straps (smartwatch) instead of wearing a simple watch that tells the time.


A very simple thing is who needs a watch when they have a phone to check the time. But the watch strap (smartwatch) offers you little different features compared to a simple watch that tells the time. Smartwatch not only gives you time awareness but also performs those tasks that only the phone can do. Read more about A complete review of Huawei fit.


Before buying something like phones or watches, people check the size of their screens. The screen plays a vital role in the beauty of the Watchband. Honor Band 5i comes with a 0.96-inch 80 x 160 TFT color touch screen.

Your Personal assistant:

You can control all your phone notifications through this watch strap. It is not just a health and fitness tracker. It is also a more convenient way to interact with your mobile phone. You can receive various phone notifications on your band. Like viewing incoming calls and messages, weather updates, music control, taking photos through your phone’s camera. It gives you all the comfort for your wrist. You don’t need to worry about the location of your phone, it will inform you about necessary phone calls and message notifications.

It keeps you aware of your health:

Huawei TruSleep ™ technology allows Honor’s Band 5i to accurately track your dream. It identifies your daily sleeping habits. The key advantage of this tracking device is that it gives you the best suggestions for better sleep.

Honor Band 5i monitors blood oxygen saturation because low blood oxygen saturation can cause fatigue, memory loss, and brain and heart damage. So, when the level of blood oxygen saturation falls from the safe zone, the tape will vibrate so you can take the time to breathe and regain your balance.

Monitor your heart rate 24/7 using Honor TruSeen ™ 3.0 heart rate monitoring technology. Using artificial intelligence-driven algorithms for high-precision readings and infrared technology, you should be careful when your heart falls below or rises above safe levels. Put the health of your heart first. If your heart is healthy, then you are healthy. What are you waiting for just to choose your phone and get a chance to sell the Band 5i?

Music control:

You can control Spotify or other compatible favorite music apps. You don’t need to pull out your phone over and over to change the song. Just connect your device with the 5i band and all control will be on your wrist. You can play and pause or switch songs with the help of the 5i band without taking your phone out of your pocket or bag. It is Band 5i sale time, you can get this Honor Band 5i full of new features at bargain prices.

The new band faces:

You can change the watch according to your occasion. For example; Gym, home, office, you can change the watch face and apply a new Honor Band 5i watch face for every occasion.

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