Huawei's most advanced headphones: the huawei freebuds pro

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Wireless headphones are one of the most dynamic product categories in consumer electronics today. Products from cheap to luxury brands give buyers a dizzying array of choices. The new FreeBuds Pro are Huawei's most premium and advanced wireless headphones. Even though they are a bit pricey, the Huawei FreeBuds Pro are worth recommending, as they offer good sound quality and ANC, great battery life and smart features. You should try the FreeBuds Pro if you're looking for good sound quality, efficient ANC, great battery life and dual connectivity.

The Inside Hardware

Inside the FreeBuds Pro, the internal Kirin A1 chip works with Bluetooth 5.2, which theoretically provides LE Audio and the LC3 codec. The 11 millimetre dynamic speakers transmit in a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. In addition, the Multi-Connect function is available, meaning that you can connect two devices at the same time.

Huawei's most advanced headphones: the huawei freebuds pro

The Design

Unlike its Freebuds 3 headphones, which followed the design of Apple's AirPods, the Freebuds Pro offer a new vision of what TBS should look like. Huawei says they were inspired by elements of classical European and Byzantine architecture - a combination of semi-circular and rectangular shapes. The FreeBuds Pro differ significantly from the design of their predecessors, the FreeBuds 3 and 3i. They are not only smaller or shorter, but also more angular in appearance. 

Huawei's most advanced headphones: the huawei freebuds pro

The noise reduction function

The most significant improvement to the FreeBuds Pro is the silicone ear tip that isolates your ear canals from outside noise. This allows the Active Noise Reduction (ANC) system to work much better than on the open FreeBuds 3. The headphones feature "dynamic equalisation", which means that the multiple microphones analyse the environment and optimise the listening experience depending on the media being played. Four vents on each earphone stem are actually windscreen microphones that eliminate any surrounding noise and work beautifully. By using one of the three pairs of silicone earpieces provided, you can isolate much of the outside noise, even before you activate the ANC.


Two outward-facing microphones pick up your voice from the surrounding sounds, and a bone voice sensor reinforces human voices in your ear. This makes any conversation as easy as possible. Rich and balanced, with a good representation of frequencies from the low end to the airy highs, the FreeBuds Pro offers a warm, open, well-penetrating and spacious image that doesn't fade or become unpleasantly prominent.

The Gestures Control Function

Like all true wireless headphones, the Freebuds Pro also support gestures, but they're unlike anything you've seen before. Instead of tapping, you have to pinch the bud with two fingers. Once you get the hang of it, the different pinch combinations work effortlessly.

 Huawei's most advanced headphones: the huawei freebuds pro

The Battery Life

The huawei freebuds pro comes in a white, black or silver oval charger case with a button on the side. It contains a 580 mAh battery, which supports wireless charging, and each earbud contains a 55 mAh cell. Huawei rates the FreeBuds Pro's battery life at 7 hours when ANC is off, and 4.5 hours when ANC is on. That's a big jump from last year.


The huawei airpods pro have fantastic ANC, superb battery life and enough enhancements to satisfy even the most demanding audio enthusiast. This is a true pair of wireless headphones that will be loved by Huawei fans and will turn the heads of those who usually turn to Apple, Bose and Sony for their music.

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