What does CES 2018 look at? This article takes you to the latest trends and highlights

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People like the lush and flowers of summer, but the most difficult summer is the most difficult to endure the hot and sweat. In the past summer, in order to get cool, we always hold a fan or small electric fan. The office man handed a fan and a mini fan, and it feeled. The reason is that people can't blow up air conditioners in middle age. Sometimes you are busy with the road, the fans and the fan are really cumbersome.

Recently come into contact with a fan of hanging neck. When I first heard that I didn't see the real thing, I always feel that the designer's brain is broken. The people around me are not optimistic, the reason is: Put a air conditioner hanging on the neck in a few days, the neck will be blown to make a cervical spondylosis.

I didn't expect to get something tried to try it out! Unlike our imagination, the blown wind is like a natural style from nature, cool but not cold.

The reason why love is too high. Simple design, highlight of color, with princess, Morandi green, cherry powder. I prefer the prolonged gray, self-contained and elegant. Hanging in the neck and looks like a headset, get rid of the traditional hanging neck fan, unknown people think it is a musician!

It is estimated that it will be bursting with the backward rate of the street, it is really a must-have items in the summer!

The reason why love is, because of the liberation. Recently, the temperature rose, and the heat is fierce. Weekend climbed with friends and climbed to Lanshan. Bring the equipment 10 points, I didn't expect 12 points of the mountain, it was really a bit. Fortunately, there is a nutritious rib fan to help, I will easily take out the neck, and the cool winds and rises make me in the mountains.

Personality is full of design, getting rid of the short fan with hands, and libenes my hands, but also guarantees the safety of me down. The friend took a mini handheld a small fan, and occasionally took it out and blows. Later, in order to safely, I put it up and put it in the bag, I also bought a joke, I brought a lazy cool essential artifact. "The lazy people have lazy, there is no way!" I proudly replied, and hang the hacks of the fans on my friends, there is a blessing, this is a friend.

The problem is coming, how many hours will I last? Don't hang your neck? Need a science: a numerous hidden fan has a built-in 4600mAh large battery, a file can be blown up for 16 hours. A total of three gears can be exchanged, and they need to be exchanged according to their actual needs. 360 ° all-round air, one-click switching gear, rounded air cooling, wind is big but very soft, just like a small air conditioner, cool but no air conditioning, do not have to worry about being blown up.

Some will make you go out in summer and you can refresh all day. I hang up and down the mountain, I didn't feel the neck, because it's light, the body is only 248g, very light, soft rubber quality is comfortable, so I didn't think that my neck is tired, almost no load. Sense.

Careful MM may ask: Do you hang your neck brush? Be careful! It is worth a question. The fan is a fanless design. Long-haired girls don't have to worry about pulling hair, safe and good, my friend is the long hair of elegant, and it is very safe.

The nutritious collar fan has 78 holes, the wind is uniform, the surround-style air conditioning mode is like a small air conditioner, you can do a travel tide this summer, go out of the neck hang up the electric fan for 16 hours, cool one day. Especially now the anti-dialing with a mask, there is a lot of hacks, and there will be a lot of breathable, and the mask can take it. Of course, it is not just that it is convenient to take, such as chefs, coffee shop clerks, keyboard, copywriters, can liberate their hands and entertain in cool.

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