Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio is now available on Apple Music

rinnadewatasari 09/07/2021 1664

Last month, Apple announced plans to add lossless audio and Dolby Atmos to Apple Music for free in June. Today, the company stated that Atmos is now available for streaming media playback. When the feature was first announced, Apple explained that the streaming service will automatically play music from Dolby Atmos on all AirPods and Beats earbuds and headphones with H1 or W1 chips. The same is true for the built-in speakers on the "latest version" iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Apple has promised to make it easy for users to find Dolby A

tmos content through selected playlists and special badges. We don't know how many songs are available. Apple said it would provide "thousands" of songs at the time of release, but did not provide any specific numbers. The company is working with Dolby to make it easier for artists, producers and engineers to create music in Dolby Atmos. Apple also stated that it is working with artists and record companies to introduce existing materials into this format. Based on the initial announcement, we can expect to add more tracks "regularly".

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