Psychic Basketball Empower Your Game With With Practical Applications Of Telepathy Precognition and Telekinesis

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All the abilities and gifts mentioned in this book are indeed possible andhave been personally achieved at one time or another by the writer ofthis book, and undoubtedly others also including biblical figuresA Psychic is a person who uses extrasensory perception(ESP)to identify informationhidden from the normal sensesanipulate objects mentally in a process knowas psychokinesis The word"psychiso used as an adjective to describe sucbilities The term psychic will be used but the concept of biblical prophetic powers ofMoses, Elah, and Jesus are the basis of where the knowledge these abilities wederived for this publication Although I have used these abiy adult life I havene ver attributed them to anything other than God To use these abibasketbno way a substitute for fundamentals or training Ho we ver, psychicbilities can expone ntially augment your physical abilities causing you to achievepsionic enhancements to your athletic abilities Your mental reaction time and thereforeflexes can also be spedthe pointbe bordering oncognition in many compe titive hoops based situations after completing this program ofPsychic Basketbsports hypteachingects of actualproven faucets of telekinesis, Psychic Basketball is going to take you down the rabbite For psychic gifts, the improving or building of your intuition and empathy are thetwo most important aspects of training and de veloping further Keeping an intuition,telekinesis, and fee lings journal and most importantly an empathy journal noting thengr mind and thus hone your Psychialtogether

By training this wayte rally be sending audible te lepathic messages to your teammates in no timehis is a quote from Sylvia Brold-renowPsychic "The mobecoconnected to your spirituality-your God and christ-center, the more your crown chakrapens, or what 's often re ferred to as your third eye I would have to agreemy book If Youd christ (available at sgvanwells org October 2017)promotions aside, it's very relevant to Psychic Basketball abilities E very prophe ticbility tharned from the information thatn thatbook, not necessarily this oneone is primary focused on basketball subject matAlthough i do mention a bible verse in this e-book fro m the books of mark and matththat rather encapsulates my other books main idea I personally would never go to apsychic for anyhave and i want to teach them toExtrasensory perception or ESP includes receptionformation not gainedhe recogni zed physnses but sensed with the mind the term wadopted by duke Uni versity psychologist J B Rhine to denote ps chic abilities such as

elepathy(from the Ancient Greek TiE, tele meaning distant and TraBos, pathosor-patheia meaning"feeling, perception, passion, affliction, experience ")314is thepurported transmission of information from one person to another without using any ofthe classical scholar Frederic WH Myers a founder of the Society for Psychic gur known sensory channels or physical interaction The term was coined in 1882ch and hass is the best way toopponent or a teammate by extremeempathy leading to Telepathy The transfer of thought/ideas aka reading a personsly the best way to gain information from an opponent Hear an oppoou when he is about to pass and even who they are going to pass the ball to

Theyoftetally announce it out loud Inform your tearyour nameout to you during gameplay along with simple commands like go left or go right or myber that your left is often their right) yoeve ntuale to hear these commands as clear as if they were audibly ye lling therto you You will be tuned in to this along with any other internal dialog going on arothe courtRetrocognitive, precognitive, and intuitive telepathy is described as the transfeof information, through Psi, about the past, future or present state of an individual's mindto another individualEmotive telepathy also known as remote influence 38 or emotional transfer, is theprocess of transferring kines the tic sensations throfer fear or alack of confidence through emotive te lepathy to the opponents or transfer confidenceand a winning attitude to your team with the same te lepathySuperconscious telepathy involves tapping into the superconscious toaccess the collecti ve wisdom of the human species for know ledge You can evensearch the Akashic records throug h telepathy to learn more about the past, present, andthe future It's kind of like the spiritual interneIn the theory of relativity, time dilation is an actual difference of elapsed timeetween two events as measured by observers either moving rela tive to each otlfferently situated from gravitational masses When two observers are in relativeuniform motion and uninfluenced by any gravitational mass, the point of viwill be that the other,'s(moving)clock is ticking at a slower rate than the local clocter the relati ve ve locity, the greatermagnitude of time dilation This case issometimes called special relativistic time dilation Some people have the ability to make

the time around them move slower than others by a fraction of a second but that timedilation can mean a lot in the game of basketball to someone who is really quickA Fast twitch fiber is one in which the myosin can split ATP very quickly Theseainly include the atPase type lI and mhc type l fibwe ver fast twitch fibersalso demonstrate a hig her capability for electrochemical transmission of actionpotentials and a rapid level of calcium release and uptake by the sarcoplasmiche fast twitch fibers rely on a we ll-developed, short term, glycolytic systemfor energy transfer and can contract and develop tension at 2-3 times the rate of slowMitch fibers Fast twitch muscles arebetter at generating short bursts of strengthor speed than slow muscles, and so fatigue more quicklySports Hypnosis refers to the use of hypno therapy with athletes in order toenhance sporting performance Hypnosis in sports has therapeutic and performancehe mental state of athle tend coimpact performance Hypnosis is a form of mental training 2 and can thereforecontribute to enhancing athletic execution Sports hypnosis is used by athletes, coachesand psychologists the study and use of hypnosis was not documentedMembers of the Russian Olympic team are said to have made use of hypnosis as aperformance-enhancing tool around this time

The impact of hypnoaspects of sporting performance has been studied Research has studied the role ofypnosis in enhancing basketball ski s Hypnosis is one of several techniques thathletes mayortiIs andcoaches as well as athletes Hypnosis may do for the mind what physical activity doesfor the body of an athlete The theory be hind sports hypnosis is that relaxation is key toproved sporting performance and athletes may perform better if they are able to relaxentally and focus on the task at hand Hypnosis may help athletes attain re laxationring practice and competition Hypnosis may also help to control anxiety and managstress in athletes Athletes may develop auto-response to pre-established stimuli whichfeared towards achievinghe use of hypnoors offers the following potential bene fits that may helpathletes handle personal challenges that would otherwise negatively affect sportife established sporting goalsaids athletes to better hand le nervousnesscontributesaxation

facilitatesncreases concentrationovides the ability to eliminate distractionsssists in controlling paincreases performance moti vationmproves bodily awarenessCauses of tunnel vision and loss of peripheral visioExtreme fear or distress, most often in the conte xt of a panic attackxcitement or extreme pleas ure such as on a roller-coaster, causing a surge ofadrenal ne in the bodyDuring periods of high adrenal ne production, such as an intense physical fightIntense anger, due to the body being rapidly flooded with adrenaline and oxygenA vegan whole plant based diet supercharges all your psychic and telekineticpowers and psionic speed/strength modifiers Contbe liefderived from plants, even the protein in meats are from the plants that the animalpreviously consumed Being vegan will supercharge your psychic and physical giftsexponentially and triple all recovery times Don't let any doctor or nutritionist telifferent Ask yourself this, can they move things with their minds? Probably not ignoreestrial advicegot more interesting things to be concerned aboiOpening your heart, much like in the case of twins, who can predict each otherthoughts and fee lings and next words Empathe tic transfer of thought/ideas aka readia person s/opponent's mind takes extreme empathy

this is literally the best waycheat psychically Feel when your opponents are going to pass and who they are goingpass toeven occasionally see through their e yes what they see as they pass theball in some cases This is called remote viewing and is very common once you learnthe psychic basketball fundoftethis ability tobe hindour head or in blind spots of the court without physically looking Once you have seenbefore you dont need eyes to see You can even see with your eyes closed once yohe red, yellow andople whogo completely blind after having initial sight still have full color vivid dreams the rest oftheir life Ithat seethat see for you when your e ye lids are closedour spiritual e yes They can look

rough walls, see in the dark, even look on other planets Look up the cla remoteviewing e xperiments Codenamed project StargateSnoring and sleep apnea can completely prevent you from de veloping these abilities soake it a priority to alleviate this serious health problem first You have no idea howmuch this issue affects your basketball skills menta lly and physically

The PsychicBasketball link below will have a link to what I used to treat my sleep apnea andsnoring It was a complete life changer to consistently freely breathe in my sleep and toe up totally rene wed and refreshed Il provide a link to Good Morning Snorelutions to alleviateur snoring and sleep apnea issues foreverPlaying basketball video games can absolutely help condition your mind to see the courtdifferently or from a 360-degree perspective with a form of second sight and to playvithi n a team dynamic betterNecessary Psychic Basketball Devices and ParaphernaliaYou can find links to all these recommendationssorg/psybasketballAll athletic supplements listed below can be obtained with a simp le search at thesame link locatiomorta lity Device US PATENT# 5, 989, 178(Get both: black Finger and Toenk may be Banned on Goog le search engi nes so use a different search engineYeah, it's that secretive)read about this product and order on my linke Brain stimulator v3 0 tDCS DeviceAthletic Propulsion Lab Basketball Shoes w/ Load N Launch TechnologyA large quartz crystal stoneA Medium-sized chrysocolla stone

2 Power ionics Bracelets0-20 Ib Weighted Basketball Training Vestlonic Foot bath detox machineSpringbak SpeedsolesYellow Tinted Biosport Contact Lenseshttp:/orionvisiongroupcom/biosport5-HTP supplement (double the recommended dosageRhodiola supplement (double the recommended dosageVision Supplement and Can-C Eye DropsGroupon Discounted B-12 INJECTIONSBC Powder(NSAID Pain Reliever)or Spiritual Training and a Powerful Spirit Exercise look for the upcoming bookIf You Truly Loved Christ

(available at sgvanwells org October 2017)( learnedall my spiritual/mental gifts from the Bible and later applied them to basketball Thisbookch you what I learned whe therxponential power increase if you follow the guidance of this other book)REASONS FORSE ITEMS

mortality device You sleep in both the Black Pinky Ring Magnets and the Blackprocess of brain synapsis(during Psychic traini ng and electric stimulation) musclesorgans and tissues overnight Advanced recovery times (almost tripled)a時increases these effects e xpone ntially this deviiceless and createspowerhouse of energy for your body You recharge your ce ll phone with a wall outles device recharges your entire body like a wall outlet, while you sleephe brain stimulator Devicebraihocks while you plaasketball video games daily to trigger new synapsis in your brain and set the game ora modified realistic mh your stats up hig her to get used to the idea of yourse lfvith super speed and a faster pace with more made shots etc

This practice will affectpsychic baske tball abilities and pushore than twice as fasthe Athletic Propulsion Lab Basketball Shoes w/ Load N Launch Technology areso effective they are banned by the NBa However, they are not banned by anyone elsethat I know of My preference and personal Psychic Basketball recommendation is toswitch to a Mid/low top baske tball shoe You will be much quicker and agile and l'mhigher with the minimal sweight You will also deve lop stronger ankles in mid/low tops Here is the Science othese amazing APL Shoes/ame由

oadN Launch M is the patented technology that athletic Propulsion Labs (APl)first developed for the ir basketball shoes and later used in their new runningA January 2013 press release from APL described the Load'N Launchechnology asle forefoot is the most critical part of the basketball shoe for vertical leapingand this is where the Athletic Propulsion Labs M Load N Launch TM technology islocated The patented Load N Launch technology combines two hinged platewith a nest housed between the upper and lower plates that contains severacompression springs This patented feature serves as a"spring loaded launchpad"housed inside a cavity at the front of the shoe, which compresses(thead"phase)and then releases (the"Launch"phase )as the athlete exerts forceon the front of the footAPL claim that there are performance advantages from the technologyg situations, ath letes have experienced increases oftheir vertical leap wearing Athletic Propulsion LabsM basketball shoes with theoad N Launch M technologyAccording to the press release, the technology is covered by this patent

thea shoe includes a first plate and a second plate that are located in a forefootportion of the shoe between an upper and an outsole of the shoe, and one ormore springs for biasing the first plate and the second plate apart from eachother a device for a shoe includes a first plate and a second plate that arestallableot portion of the shoe, and an energy return membepositioned between the first plate and the second plate A method of using a shoencludes applying, with a foot, a force on at least one of two plates that ispositioned in a forefoot portion of a shoe, so as to move the two plates togetherd increase a loading of a spring, and launching the foot due to the two platesbeing moved apart by the spring as the foot is being lifted

lepathy, clairaudience, and clairvo yance, and their trans-temoperation asprecognition or retrocognition Telepathy and pre-cognition are the most helpful forbasketball Telepathy is sending mental messages to teammates that can be heardaudibly or vice versa And pre-cognition is basically predicting the future and knowiwhere every rebound wi ll fall in advance, ESP is also some times re ferred to as a sixthtion of information by means exterthe basicg assumptions of science, such as that organisms can only receive informationom the past to the present the best way to increase overall ESP is to GROW YOURAIR OUT Facial and head hair if you cas fact is scientifically proven by the Us military All Black Ops mi litary members(SEAL TEAM 6 etc are permitted to grow their hair out and bearanches of the military Why is that so, you may be wondering Any movie depiction othey are fighting against as far as beard and hair length are concerned well s soecBlack otars usually look pretty similar to the beardedpermission to grow out their hair comes from a special study done on Native Americantrackers in vietnamxcerpt from The Truth About Hair and why indians would KeepTheir Hair longThe military was especially looking for men with outstanding almost supenaturalacking abilities

Before being approached, these care fully selected men werextensively documented as experts in tracking and survival With the usual enticementthe well proven smooth phrases used to enroll new recruits, some of these Indiantrackers wen enlisted Once enlisted, an amazing thing happened Whatevertalents and skills they had possessed on the reservation seemed to mysterious/yfield scausalities and failures of performance led the government to contract expensive testingof these recruits, and thewhat was foundpeconsistently that when theyred their required military haircuts, they couldlonger sense'the enemy, they could no longer access a sixth sense, their intuitionno longer was reliable, they couldn t read subtle signs as well or access subtleextrasensory information So, the testing institute recruited more Indian trackers, letthem ke

ep their long hair, and tested them in multiple areas Then they would pair twomen together who had received the same scores on all the tests They would let oneman in the pair keep his hair long, and gave the other man a military haircut Then thetwo men re took the tests Time after time the man with long hair kept making highscores Time after time the man wth the short hair failed the tests in which he had

scored high scoresHere is a Typical Teste recruit is sleeping out in the woods An armed enemy' approaches the sleepinghe long-haired man is a wakened out of his sleep by a strong sense of dangeand gets away long before the enemy is close, long before any sounds from theapproaching enemy are audibleIn another version of this test the long-haired man senses an approach and somehowtuits that the enemy will perform a physical attack He follows his sixth senseandstays still, pretending to be sleeping, but quickly grabs the attacker and kills him as theattacker reaches down to stralfter having passed these andother tests, then received a military haircut and consistently failed these tests, and manyother tests that he had previously passede document recommended that all Indian trackers be exempt from militaryhaircuts In fact, it required that trackers keep their hair longPsychokinesis(Greek wuxi kivno is,"mind movement"),4 or telekinesis(TTAEnt), is an alleged psychic ability allowing a person tofluence a physical system without physical interaction

5bn Psychokinesis andlekinesis are sometimes abbreviated as PK and TK respecti vely Examples ofpsychokinesis could include moving an object and levitation We will be using the wordbrella term for any ability that involvesnfluence/manipulate/move matter/objects(Jesus on the possibility of Telekinesis)Mark 11: 23 Truly I tell you that if anyone says to this mountain, Be lifted up andthrown into the sea, and has no doubt in his heart but be lieves that it will happen,will be done for him also both Matthew 17: 20 21: 2Get a large Quartz Crystal for both psychic and basic energy recovery hold to youd a chrysocolla stone up to the browbone of yotelekine tic powers W/(L Hand)

he stones of Kyanite, lolite, and labradorite will do well also please be careful withthe Lapis Lazuli stone however, it may work a little too well (Always re member toClean and Recharge Stones often with Sea Salt Water and Sun/Moon Light)Psychic Basketball Telekinesis Achievements hig h to lower LeveDeflation: To make objects deflate(this telekine tic abihelp slow thegame down with a much faster team or opponent)Vector Manipulation: manipulate the kine tic vectors of matter and objects, altering theirspeed and direction through space (This ability can affect the direction and speed of apass positively or negnger in the hands or chest area of thereceiver to prevent mishandling)Space-Time Manipulation: To manipulate and distort the space-time continuum ( Thisability allows you to perceive time in slow motion while you still move at regular speedhers to observe time in hyper motion and become overwhelmed)Vibration Emission: To emit a powerful vibration strong enoug h to make objects changedirection, ie An Invisible Rejection (This ability is useful for chase down rejefor disturbances when you cant reach the opponent and the score is just aboutguaranteed)Mental Manipulation By controlling the electrical signals in the brain (This ability carallow you to augment your speed and strength exponentially by tapping into psionicmpowerment i e

a mother lifting a car from her child aka hysterical strength) HysteriaStrength or Hysterical Strength also re ferred to as superhuman streng th is a geneticechanism hardcoded into human dna that is triggered during massive and lifethreatening scenarios During such event the human brain, primarily the hypothalamustriggers the muscle fibers to contract and in a sing le instance triggers all muscle fibersasynchronously During this moment, the body is capable of superhuman strength, andthe person in such condition is capable of lifting anywhere from 500 to 1600(16 tons)Neural Impulse Manipulation: To redirect the electrical signals between the brain andnerves, achieving control over thoughts, feelings, and movement of a body (this abilitycan affect your body and others as well In a leadership role, you can spread a fee ling ofconfidence among your entire team or a feeling of impending baske tball doorroughout the entire opposing team Achieve athletic gracefulness with your entiteams movementsmsiness and off-timing for the other guys)Dimensional Travel: To bend the very fabric of dimensional barriers, allowing travelthrough wormholes or teleportation-like movement (This te lekinetic ability makesdefense so easy and gi ves you the ability to make your hands be anywhere at any time

knock the ball away On a shot, on a pass, or on the dribble of an opponent You carouble ject a shot with only tippy toes using this ability and finally stay out of foreven reEnergy Absorption/Conversion: To absorb and convert energy Use crystals to absorbnergy like a battery during competition Bench players can hold the crystalyou hold it and you can be re-charged of all the energy youdrained during your exertion Repeat this only with fresh non-tired"talented "individualsand the clear quartz crystal Cleanse and re-charge the crystal often) To cleanse andecharge crystals soak in"spring water"or"Sea water"and a 30% solution of "Sea Saltfor a MINIMUM of 7 hours but up to 3 days then bathe in SUNL IGHT for a minimum of4 hours Do the cleanse approximately twice a month and the sunlight exposure everysingle week to maintain the crystals maximum poAtomic Manipulation/Energy Manipulation: To control matter and energyleveIstomost from youron and energy resources and even turn your slow twitch musclefibers into fast twitch fibers for short periods of time when necessaryGravity Manipulation: To increase or decrease the force of gravity in a specispace, distance, height, and time

(This ability allows you to cause gravity to increasecausing increased pressure on individuals or decrease causing extreme lightness ofndividuals in a specific space of a basketball court for a fixed amount of timeTelekinetically Enhanced Condition: To use telekinesis to enhance the user's conditionTelekinetic Teleportation: Use telekinesis to teleport themselves or others (This abilityallows you or cause you to make others skip to intended destinations without the entirephysical trip Skip time will be enabled and most will just assume they missedomething but you most certainly did disappear and reappear a few feet further thanyour legs should have taken you according to physical scienceare done with what you are doing inth o, w milliseconds longer than scientifical aTelekinetic Flight: To use telekinefly (This abi litydy used by pastnormal situations would allow Mentally you dont allowIf to come down until yos pretty simple really If you practicejumping/flying on a 12ft goal then your flight powers would be much stronger thatelekine tically under training on a 10ft ones surroundings using telekinesis, eg literally seeing behindou ( this ability allows you to see everythi ng in a 360-degree spectrum at all timesspecially behi nd you Peripheral vision can show you what is to the sides and yothird eye can give you a clear picture in picture of what's behind you Avoid angry

motions and fear, those are the only emotionsn resinIcregardless of your overall psychic abilities)Psionic healiheal others with ones own te lekinetic powers (This abihealing yourse f and others using your mind affecting the rate of regeneration of cellsand growth tissue Psychic studies in China have shown that telekinetic energy canncrease plant growth by more than 300% and Healing factors of energy have alreadybeen proven with Chinese medicine in Acupuncture, Reiki, and other Eastern Energyedicine practicesAnimation: Give motion to motionless items by focusing your mind power through(This ability causes balls to roll and behave seemingly on their own like a Star Wars8 droneMotor-Skill Manipulation: To manipulate the movement of others (This ability allows youto invisibly push the hands of an opponent away from say a loose ball or an errant passthat is aboyou to literally reach through other people s bodies to knock the ball away without wsSelf-Molecular Manipulationlate self at molecular lehis abilityharmi ng yourse If or the other person or even appearing to foul him/her This involvesolecular degeneration and regeneration a lmost at will to reach through any soliducture and slap at the ball and then pull your arm back)Motion Manipulation: Guide or shift directional vectors throug h direct molecular motionmanipulation (This ability will allow you to pass the ball as if you were guiding it withyour hand always You can manipulate the action or process of movement/motionhange in position of the basketball with respect to time in terms of ve locityacceleration, displacement

You will also be able to slow down a persons sensesequences, sense/disrupt/trigger time displacements and alter thebody can react or alternate/change their actual destiHoming Effect: To make any object automatically follow, home in and lock onto its targetor targets until it hits them and linger in their hands at a dead stop of velocity andmomentum (This ability would make passing unbelievably accurate and preventhandling by theakineticobjects towards the user or to push objects away fromthe user, eg Psychically pulling a loose ball to yourself or psychically pushing a looseball to an opekinetic Bullet Projectionct telekine tic energy or objects as bulletsbility can turn a loose ball or any situation into a pass to a teammatewithout you even having to touch the ball, hard to control pass direction thougPsionic Strength: To augment the user's physical strength, eg Increasing onesenergy and focus aka Bes 1-inch punch (This ability

allows you to e xponentially increase strength be yond physical means by focus aental energy aka mind over matterPtrvehicle (This ability allows you to increase speed be yond physical or scientific mearthrough mental energy and focus This includes momentary skips of teleportation butng goal must be beyond where you are runni ng to increase skips Folexample, dont aim to run to the other end of the court aim to run to your girIfriend'shouse because a pretend monster is chasing heher room(made up life anddeath situation triggering Hysterical strength/speed) you may"sKiP to the other end ofBinding: To keep object/being from moving

This ability allows you to plant yoursethe ground like a tree and be unmovable Use the horse stance from Kung Fu Peoplerunning into you will feel like they hit a brick wall If you step on others foot you cauld just focot allowing them to take a stemomentarily freezing their feet in place) Be careful because this drains you and it'sdangerous to their physical health they can break some thing so I dont recommeanything that can hurt someone else or yourse fIMITATIONSYou may only be capable of moving objects you could physically movePsychic strength may be proportional to users capacity, meaning an opponentphysical strength strongere users mental strength may be immuneour overall abilities may be weakened or nullified by stress, fear or distractionsYou may only be able to manipulate certain targets (organic or inorganic)of a specificsize range or weight one at a tiy may be physically and mentally fatiguinge any control over the speed of which the target (ball or persoMay only be able to mo ve objects that can see with line of sightMay be unable to move certain objects or affect certain peopleDEVELOPING TELEKINESIS

elekinesis is learned by having complete confidence in your ability to cause it tohappen You must be in optimal health with no blockages and no effects of fearanxiety The state you must be present in to have a telekinetic effect on some thing isalmost an authoritative ange lic like mindset You muse whole heartedly that yoave the permission and authority(from God) to cause these events to happen as yowill them to If you need help with this my book If Yoly Loved Christ(availableat sgvanwells org October 2017)completely fill yon what you need to doto get that Godly authority and permission to perform these Psychic Basketball Abilitieseady have what it takes toeverything that Jesus of the Bible could do For now, you are just focused on applyingr gifts to Basketball particularly and that 's commendablen the beginning it is easier to telekine tically pull an object than to te lekine ticalocus on say a paper clip and try to pull it towards you wnd Thecatch is with te lekinesis don 't only use your mind, use your toes also, your hair, yourhighs evegle atomto grab thatpaper clip while you sit there

Every single invisible atom and molecule should reacnd grab and pull tltowards you eventDont get frustrated this maake forever Or it may never work because you may not be able to pull (some peoplecant affect specific organic or non-organic objects) paper clips But even the constantpractice of this will make it ten times more likely that you can do it to a loose ball in agame of basketbal Try this practice with a bread croencil, pen, etcfirstansition to pushing this is the beginni ng of telekinesis try to gradually buildfrom this seemingly slow start but always know that at any time you are capable ofoing something amazing So, don t put limits on yourself with where you think you arehave beenhe ke ys to the kingdom of telepathyprecognition, and telekinesis, dont take it lightly Please do not overuse these abilitiesor you wi ll be constantly mentally fatigued and drained Use only when you strategicallymust in important games or these gifts will become ine ffecti ve for actually winninggames, be lleve me on thisse e xercises are directly from Nicola Tesla s repertoire to help you developelekinesComplete minimum of 100 toe curls a night, very slowly, with one foot at a timer psychic brain stimu latioRepeated Visualization of telekinetic feats, even staged ones recorded on yourGo Pro and played back on a You tube video on aheadset counts as havingalready accomplished it in your mind this is essentially 3/4ths of actualtelekinesis, seeihappen and having complete faith that you have theauthority to act on the outside world

Scientifica lly speaking the composers Bach, Mozart, and vivaldi producespositive mental/ psychic energy charges inside your brain whether you like theimusic or not nicola and myself advise you to listen to their music oftewhile practicing basketball (light shooting/dribbling)I will add some of theimusic to the Psychic Basketball You Tube play list Even playing their music nexto a plant can make a plant grow more than three times as fast Ideally you shouldtake up violin lessons if possible The vibrations of the strings specifically on aviolin create an abundance of psychic energy that could be harnessed by aPis bit of advice is also from Tes la but it's also an unwritten rule that everyboxer and MMa practitioner lives by and it applies to Psychic Basketball as welAs much as i hate to say it for all you married men out there regarding anycontact, pornography, and/or masturbation supercharges all your psychic+cious competition this is very important Withholding fromabilities

Peocket fuel for telekinesis, psionicgth, and psionic spthext is the rising of a human body into the air bymystical means Some parapsycho logy and religious be levers interpret allegedstances of le vitation as the result of supernatural action of psychic power or spiritualenergy Levitation is possible What better reason to levitate than for basketbalpurposeseleportation, or Tele transportation, is the theoretical transfer of matter or energyfrom one point to another without traversing the physical space between them will beeferred to later as Skipping" to a destinationpsychology, precognition(from the Latin prae,"before"and cognitio,dge"), also called future sight, and second sight,s aextrasensory perception that would involve the acquisition or effect of future informationthat cannot be deduced from presently available and normally acquired sense-basedformation5 Scientific investigation of extrasensory perception(ESP)is complicatedby the definition whiplies that the phenomena go against establishedscience Specifically, precognition would violate the pri nciple that an effect cannotoccur before its causn flas hes andpraemory than prediction Events can flash before yo u months or even years before theyhappen with no time frame of when they may occur in real life A solid memory or fillenotebook is more important than a "flashy and forgetful Pre-cog

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