Which is more comfortable to noise? Euler soil to help

rinnadewatasari 01/08/2021 1456

There is noise in the noisy urban life, work noise, home life noise, bus noise, decoration noise, subway noise, dormitory noise, bear children shout and shocking square dance noise. Born in a peaceful mankle is in a noise environment, it will be annoying, irritating, producing a variety of bad emotions, affecting the health of the body and mind. To this end, I urgently need a noise-saving headset, let life return to An An quiet.

I have been paying attention to Jeet One headset before May 1, I haven't started, I found a new Jeet One ink upgrade version, increase wireless charging, bass increase, and upgrade to the piano paint process, and the price is just three hundred yuan, I will start . First give you to open the box we see:

After upgrading to the piano paint process, the Jeet One ink black upgraded version of the housing has a great progress in hand and visual. Take it in your hand, because the piano paint shell is very few in the three hundred yuan, only this, Jeet ONE black upgrade version of Bluetooth headset has a high price performance.

Jeet One ink black upgrade version of the Bluetooth headset is small, certificate, manual, charge line standard. The charging port is the most common C port, which can share a data line with many devices, which makes me feel safe, because I have not charged the experience of the interface because of the interface, this time because the headphones are not electricity I took two hours of long-distance bus, listened to the noise of the ear, looked at thousands of villages outside the window, and the mood is poor.

Jeet ONE black upgraded version of the Bluetooth headset logo did not adjust the light and angles, it feels like a lot of peerless masters, they deliberately hide themselves, don't want to speak, no more, no more Experience the power of their strength.

This Jeet ONE black upgrade version of Bluetooth headset is also true. It has a small body, low-key logo, round and smooth shape, but inside hide some amazing secrets: Mathematical painter - Eura spiral.

The Europea screw this is often wonderful in this nature of the mathematical formula. During the natural advantage of the natural survival, Jeet can find a lot of moving plants on the Eura soil, such as sea shell, crook, hippocampus, etc. Industrial Design When the sports car is designed, the transition section in the railway or road will also be used frequently to the Europea, this time, Jeet uses it in the design of Jeet ONE black upgraded Bluetooth headset.

Our ear canal is also close to the magical European screw, Jeet integrates the Euler soil mathematics, after a large number of engineers, finally designed a perfect person ear pose, and minimizing call noise-saving, create Unprecedented human machine interaction, implement the most comfortable auricle language on the Jeet ONE black upgrade version of the Bluetooth headset!

Through the use of two weeks, I think Jeet ONE Black Upgrade Bluetooth headset has perfectly cared for comfort and firmness. It is only 3.8g, which is also light than most of the earrings; the side of the ear and the curved ear handle design, has achieved multi-point support, reducing the auricity, using the ear in the ear, commute or movement It will not fall, and the feeling of wearing is very comfortable.

In addition, achieving the Jeet ONE black upgrade version of the Bluetooth headset such a powerful noise reduction effect, and a black technology, that is, the whole machine Siwei call noise reduction + intelligent pick-up adaptive noise reduction algorithm.

The headphones increase the noise reduction effect by four noise reduction microphones, and when the single ear and double-ear calls are able to actively noise reduction, with Jeet's self-developed intelligent pick-up adaptive noise reduction algorithm, in the subway Clear and other parties communicate.

Jeet sound quality has been very guaranteed. After all, it has fifteen years of audio decoding technical experience. After big data contrast mixed simulation, it generates Chinese exclusive listening curve, I personally feel the tuning of sound quality in the national style song It is particularly prominent. This audio-listed "Red Horse" is the recent typical national style song. Nanshan, fishing villages, rice wine, red boots, many images are in the wonderful interpretation of multi-layer composite film, through the brain, weighing, and full of details. The graceful voices are refreshed by 12.5 mm aircraft circles, which feels through time and space, stands around the female of Red Majors, listening to her to talk to the cold river, and the old people in the rivers and lakes.

More details I will not repeat, Jeet One ink black upgraded version of the Bluetooth headset is still a lot, such as low latency, high-end, software support, etc., this requires friends to take care of it. A small partner with headphones in recent years may wish to pay attention to this Bluetooth headset.

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