Most Amazon devices drop to record low prices on Prime Day

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Prime Day is here, as we expected, and so is the large number of transactions on Amazon gadgets. In addition to Black Friday, today is Prime members snapping up Echo speakers, Fire tablets and other devices at a much lower price than usual The best timing. Almost all of these things are sold at record low prices, including some brand new devices, such as the second-generation Echo Show 8. Below are the best prices for Amazon devices on Prime Day 2021.

Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8 - $45, $95


Both first-generation Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8 smart displays hit all-time lows for Prime Day: the Show 5 is on sale for $45 while the Show 8 is down to $70. We like these for their relatively compact sizes — the Show 5 makes for a great smart alarm clock — their sound quality and how well they respond to Alexa voice commands. If you want to invest in the second-generation Echo Show 8, which has an updated camera for video calls, you can snag it for $95 right now.

Buy Echo Show 5 at Amazon - $45 Buy Echo Show 8 at Amazon - $70 Buy Echo Show 8 (2nd-gen) at Amazon - $95

Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock - $25, $35


The latest Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock are down to $25 and $35, respectively, for Prime Day. While these little speakers aren't the best in terms of sound quality, they're more than capable of powering tiny desk concerts. The Clock model has a handy LED display that shows the time as well as alarms and timers you may have set.

Buy Echo Dot at Amazon - $25 Buy Echo Dot with Clock at Amazon - $35

Echo - $60

Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

The latest Echo smart speaker is on sale for $60, which is a record-low price. We gave it a score of 89 for its great audio quality, inclusion of a 3.5mm headphone jack, stereo pairing option and handy Alexa features.

Buy Echo at Amazon - $60

Echo Buds - $80

Billy Steele/Engadget

The second-gen Echo Buds have been discounted for Prime Day: the model with standard charging comes in at $80 while the wireless charging model is $100. Amazon dramatically improved its wireless earbuds with these second-generation versions, and we gave them a score of 80 for their better sound quality, true active noise-cancellation and smaller size.

Buy Echo Buds at Amazon - $80 Buy Echo Buds (wireless charging) at Amazon - $100

Echo Frames - $175

Brian Oh / Engadget

Amazon's Echo Frames smart glasses are on sale for $175, or $75 off their normal price. We gave them a score of 76 for their comfortable design, hands-free Alexa access and compatibility with prescription lenses.

Buy Echo Frames at Amazon - $175

Echo Show 10 - $190


The rotating Echo Show 10 dropped to a new all-time low of $190 for Prime Day. Despite being somewhat creepy, it earned a score of 83 from us for its automatic panning and zooming (which comes in handy during video calls), excellent audio quality and its ability to double as a security camera.

Buy Echo Show 10 at Amazon - $190

Kindle Paperwhite - $80


The Kindle Paperwhite e-reader is on sale for $80, which is an all-time-low price — that's even $5 cheaper than it was during last year's Prime Day. The Paperwhite is arguably the best e-reader you can get, and we gave it a score of 95 for its improved-contrast display, new Audible support and waterproof design.

Buy Kindle Paperwhite at Amazon - $80

Kindle - $55


The base Kindle has been discounted to $55, and that's $35 off its normal price and a record low. If you can sacrifice the extra perks that the Paperwhite provides, the regular Kindle will be the best e-reader for the money that you'll find. We gave it a score of 91 for its added front light, smaller design and higher contrast display.

Buy Kindle at Amazon - $55

Kindle Oasis - $185

The fanciest Kindle out there, the Oasis, is down to $185 for Prime Day, or $65 off its normal price. The Oasis is overkill for most people, but hardcore e-reader fans will love how luxurious this gadget is. We gave it a score of 89 for its ultra-thin and waterproof design, improved backlighting and Audible support.

Buy Kindle Oasis at Amazon - $185

Fire TV Cube - $80

Nicole Lee / Engadget

The Fire TV Cube set-top box is down to $80, which is a new all-time low and $40 off its normal price. This is the mo

st powerful Fire TV device available and we gave it a score of 84 for its support for Dolby Vision and HDR+, speedy performance and solid Alexa capabilities.

Buy Fire TV Cube at Amazon - $80

Fire TV Stick 4K - $25


The Fire TV Stick 4K returns to its all-time-low price of $25 for Prime Day. It's one of the better streaming devices you can get right now, and it's an even better buy when it's half off. It supports Dolby Vision, HDR and HDR10+, and it comes with an Alexa voice remote. There are also a few bundles on sale, too, including one that has the TV Stick 4K, the brand new Alexa voice remote, an Ethernet adapter and a two-year protection plan.

Buy Fire TV Stick 4K at Amazon - $25 Buy Fire TV Stick 4K bundle at Amazon - $56

Fire TV Stick Lite - $18


The basic Fire TV Stick Lite is on sale for $18, which is a record low. This is the Fire TV device to get if you just want the streaming necessities like FHD video and voice commands with a bare-bones remote.

Buy Fire TV Stick Lite at Amazon - $18

Fire HD 10 and 10 Plus - $80, $110

Sarah Flotard / Amazon

The new Fire HD 10 and 10 Plus tablets are on sale for $80 and $110, respectively. Amazon recently updated its biggest tablets with faster processors, brighter screens, more RAM and more battery life. The biggest perk that the Plus has over the standard model is wireless charging capabilities.

Buy Fire HD 10 at Amazon - $80 Buy Fire HD 10 Plus at Amazon - $110

Fire HD 8 and 8 Plus - $50, $70

Valentina Palladino / Engadget

Both 8-inch Fire tablets have been discounted to $45 and $65, respectively. We gave them a score of 81 for their refined design, decent performance, long battery life and USB-C charging port.

Buy Fire HD 8 at Amazon - $45 Buy Fire HD 8 Plus at Amazon - $65

Eero 6 (3-pack)$181

eero LLC

The Eero 6 mesh WiFi system is on sale for Prime Day and the three pack, which contains one router and two extenders, is down to $181. That's a record-low price and nearly $100 off its normal going rate. This pack covers up to 5,000 square feet and supports dual-band WiFi 6. You can also get Eero Beacon extenders for less right now, too, as they're on sale for $71 each.

Buy Eero 6 (3-pack) at Amazon - $181 Buy Eero Beacon at Amazon - $71

Eero Pro - $139


The Eero Pro router has dropped to $139 for Prime Day, and that's $60 off its normal price. If you're looking to replace your current router with something more powerful, this could do the trick. It covers up to 1,750 square feet and supports tri-band WiFi speeds up to 1Gbps.

Buy Eero Pro at Amazon - $139

Blink Mini - $20

Amazon / Blink

The Blink Mini indoor security camera dropped to $20, which is $15 off its normal price. A two-pack will set you back only $35. This tiny, wired camera records 1080p video and can ping your smartphone whenever it captures motion or sound in your home.

Blink Indoor/Outdoor - $60, $90

Amazon / Blink

Blink Indoor and Outdoor camera kits are as low as $50 and $60, respectively, for Prime Day. We like these small security cameras for their unassuming designs and lack of wires — both Indoor and Outdoor cams run on replaceable batteries, so there are no wires to mess with. Both cameras record 1080p video, have night-vision support plus two-way audio.

Buy Blink Indoor at Amazon - $50 Buy Blink Outdoor at Amazon - $60

Luna game controller - $49


Amazon's Luna gaming controller is 30 percent off for Prime Day, bringing it down to $49. This is Amazon's own controller for its game streaming service Luna and it makes it easier to play all kinds of games on your PC, Mac, Fire TV, iPhone, iPad or Android device. We like its sleek yet familiar design and the fact that it doesn't require constant recharging thanks to its two AA batteries.

Buy Luna controller at Amazon - $49

Amazon Halo - $70


Amazon's Halo fitness tracker is down to $70, or $30 off its normal price. This basic band tracks steps, heart rate, sleep time and more, and if you subscribe to the company's health tracking service, you'll gain access to additional data like body composition, sleep stages, Movement Health and more.

Buy Halo at Amazon - $70

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