How to take beautiful selfies with your phone?

rinnadewatasari 07/03/2022 3512

With the popularity of the camera function in mobile phones, selfies have become a favorite way for many girls to take photos. At the same time, most phones also have a front camera, which makes selfies more convenient. , and we can take beautiful pictures anytime and anywhere. But are there many people who don't know how to take great photos? In my opinion, selfie is also a way to take photos. So there must be a way to make the photo more beautiful. I have summarized a selfie experience for the vast number of selfie enthusiasts to learn.


Choose Light

To have a beautiful selfie, you must first pay attention to the choice of light. We'd better choose a place where the light is more even and the lighting conditions are better. The outdoor brightness is relatively high, natural light shooting is a very good choice. But instead of indoors, the lighting conditions are generally poor, the window is a very good place, or the use of artificial light source to illuminate. Photos taken outdoors are more realistic in color, but try to take them in conditions that do not reflect directly in the sun. If the light is strong, try to take a photo against the light, the intensity of the backlight will give the background a vague beauty.


Posture and Expression

Why are the photos taken by the models in the magazine so beautiful that even a very simple look can make a difference. In fact, their whole body muscles were tense when taking photos. When taking close-up photos, we need to learn how to use the shoulder, the shoulders at different bending angles will give people a different feeling. , so there will not be a single posture situation. The eye is the window of the heart. We should learn to express our emotions with our eyes when taking photos. Good selfie, there's something in your eyes. Different emotions are expressed through the eyes. The eyes look slightly up and down, will be more squinted, the eyes larger. Of course nature is beauty, with our most confident smile is better.

Choose Suitable Angles

In addition to light and posture, angles are also important. Many girls will feel that looking in the mirror to see themselves is very beautiful, do not know why the photos taken are very stiff and oily. The reason is that when we look at ourselves in the mirror, we see that we are three-dimensional, and the camera shines out of us is flat, of course, will appear big face. Many people do not like their positive appearance when they take pictures. When we take a selfie, we can hold our heads sideways, which will give us a three-dimensional feeling, or a 45 degree up and down angle. Tighten your chin to give your face an elegant posture, or bring more decorations, hats, glasses, etc.

In addition to these tips, our tools - mobile phones must also be pretty good, and many smartphones in the market today come with AI portraits, a powerful feature that makes our selfies more realistic and natural. For example: Apple 13, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Honor 50 green and so on. Choosing a good phone in one step makes perfect selfies.

These are my little selfie secrets, let's take good pictures together!

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