How to Fix Camera Not Focusing Issue on Galaxy S8/S9/S10/Note 9

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It’s not uncommon for smartphones to develop blurring and focusing issues with their cameras. However, for most Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, S10, and Note 9 owners, this can be very frustrating considering that one of the best-selling features with these models is the camera. While the issue may clear on its own, it’s vital that you learn how to address the problem on time.

In this guide, we’ll share a few tips on what to do if your Galaxy S8, S9, S10, or Note 9 develops blurring and focusing issues.

1. Try refocusing the camera

Your phone’s camera is capable of focusing by shifting the distance between the sensor and the lens. But just like any other camera, it can sometimes lose focus and fail to sense movement in and out of its field of view.

If you realize that your camera is losing focus or looks blurry when taking a picture, simply turn your phone around and firmly tap the camera. This will prompt the camera to refocus.

If that doesn’t fix the issue, try shaking the phone. By now you are probably wondering, “How will shaking the phone even work?” Well, it may sound absurd but it honestly works.

2. Update all apps

If the first fix fails, try updating your camera app. You can check whether there’s an available update on the Google Play Store or the Galaxy App Store. Here’s how you check for updates.

If you use the Play Store go to “

My apps & games

” and check for updates from there.

With Galaxy Apps, you’ll need to update the apps separately from your Play Store apps.

Just launch the



application then go to




Tap on

My apps > Update > Update all

After updating your apps, you can turn on “

Auto Updates

” whenever you are on Wi-Fi so you won’t have to keep coming back to check whether there’s a new update available.

3. Update system software

Software updates help in keeping things running smoothly within your phone. Think of them as oil changes and tune-ups in your vehicle. Similarly, when it comes to your phone’s camera functionality you have to ensure that your software is always up-to-date. This will not only help improve the user interface but will also help remove minor bugs that could temporarily cause a camera malfunction.

To check for system updates:

Go to settings then tap on

Software update


Tap on


updates manually.

If a system update is available it will start installing automatically.

If there’s no update available touch “


” or the

toggle switch

to enable automatic software updates on whenever you are connected on a



4. Clear the cache partition

A corrupted system cache can sometimes lead to poor app performance. In Android devices, system cache is used for quick loading of apps. However, a system update can render it obsolete. To enhance efficient functionality of the system cache, just clear the cache partition.

Here’s how you clear the system cache without loss of data:

Switch off your phone.

Press and hold these keys in order:

Volume Up

key >




Power key.

Release the keys when the Android logo appears.

You’ll see the Android system recovery menu options.

Use the volume down key to scroll down to “

wipe cache partition


Now press the power key to select.

Using the volume down button, scroll down to “


” then press power key.

The phone should start to wipe the cache. After the cache wipe process is complete, your phone will ask you to "

Reboot system now

.” Press the power key and your phone will reboot.

5. Clear the camera data and cache

Your phones camera app uses “


” for efficient performance. Once in a while, the app cache can trigger performance problems. In the past, the following two options have been used to fix cameras on Samsung Galaxy devices.

Option One:

Go to


s >





Tap on


then select



Restart your device then go to camera and check whether the issue has been resolved.

If this option does not fix your device’s camera, try this next option.

Option Two:








Go to


then choose




Press the power button and tap



If both options don’t work, jump onto this next fix.

6. Remove any bad apps

Some third-party apps can obstruct the normal functioning of your camera. If you suspect that there’s an app that are causing the problem, switch your phone to safe mode. This will halt any third-party apps running in your device.

Follow these steps to run your phone on safe mode.

Press and hold the power key and until the power menu appears. Tap on power off.

Now long press the “

Power off

” icon.

Tap on the Safe mode icon that will appear.

Your phone will then automatically reboot to safe mode. At the lower left corner, your phone will display

Safe mode.

If your camera resumes normal operation in safe mode, then you have narrowed down the source of the problem. Try to uninstall any applications you have recently installed, and then check the performance of your camera. Do the same for any other applications you might suspect.

Fix 7: Reset factory settings

If your camera still can’t focus, try to reset your phone’s settings to default. Note that this procedure can wipe out all your data. Ensure that all your data and personal information is backed up before initiating this procedure.

To reset your phone back to factory defaults:

Go to the


Tap on

General Management





data reset.

You can also use the procedure for clearing “

clear cache partition

” above. Only that this time you’ll select wipe data/factory reset. See screenshot below.

If none of these procedures seem to restore the quality of your camera, contact Samsung for help.

Wrapping Up

A poorly functioning camera can get you feeling frustrated especially if you want to capture some great moments in your life. Knowing how to diagnose these issues can save you the trouble. We hope that we’ve helped you resolve your camera issue.

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