Pan Tilt Outdoor Security Camera, 1080P Home WiFi IP Camera, Pan Tilt Dome Surveillance Cam, Two Way Audio Motion Detection Clear Night Vision Onvif Waterproof CCTV Camera Support Max 128G SD

rinnadewatasari 17/08/2021 1665

I have no idea whether this camera works because I can not get ANYTHING to work- from the wifi connection to the app itself.1. Parts: In the box there are circular black foam pieces and white pieces in little bag with no description of what they are. I think the foam pieces go in back in the holes behind the antennae. Amazon photos indicate the white pieces are for waterproofing, but how they connect and where they connect is anyone's guess. I guessed the ethernet cord opening but they don't fit correctly.2. Connection: NONE. I downloaded the icsee app and, after creating a user name/pw, I tried to add my device. The only option it allowed a click through was on QR code. Great. Only problem- there are QR codes in the mini booklet and at least three on the box. I tried each QR but no go.... app then required me to hand enter a serial number. Again, nothing on the box identifies specifically the serial number so I had to try all the various strings of numbers that could be the serial. Of course this then led to the very time-consuming task of trying each possible QR with each possible serial. Every try I received an error saying to make sure serial matches device.3. Email

to Besdersec: Quick response with link to manual and note to disable 5G during set up. I did so. New manual they sent matches what I see on app. I close out the app and open it again to clear things out after disabling 5G, and reset the camera. App says password and login do not match. WTH? I request a code, receive it and reset. App gives me the SAME error message. WTH again! I just created the new password so I clearly know I am entering the correct one. Cannot get in due to error message. I give up and create a new account with my husband's email address. Who knows if I will ever be able to get in the app again once I close it out.4. Icsee app: manual from Besdersec: Now that I am finally back in the app under the newly created profile, I follow the instructions in the manual and to click on the add wifi camera (NOT the add via QR) option. Guess what? That does nothing. Clicking on it highlights the button but does not open anything. Once again I am stuck.To say I am frustrated is an UNDERSTATEMENT. Nothing should be this difficult. I have sent another email to BESDERSEC to let them know that the click to add wifi is not opening anything. Let's see what they say now.

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