Samsung launches ST700, PL170 and PL120 DualView cameras

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Pre-CES 2011:

Samsung has launched the ST700, PL170 and PL120 DualView cameras. All three cameras come with 5x optical zoom lenses starting at 26mm equivalent. The 16Mp ST700 offers a 1.8" front LCD first seen in the ST600 and ST100 cameras released last year. The PL170 and PL120 with 16Mp and 14Mp sensors come with slighter smaller 1.5" front LCDs. The cameras will be available from September at retail prices of $279.99, $199.99 and $149.99 respectively.

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Press Release:

Samsung Takes DualView to the Next Level

New ST700, PL170 and PL120 models bring the latest dual screen innovations to all camera users so you can place yourself in the perfect moment

CES, Las Vegas – January 5, 2011 -

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, announced today the launch of three new DualView compact cameras, reinforcing the company’s ownership of this area of the market and taking dual screen technology to the next level. The new ST700, PL170 and PL120 offer a unique combination of high image quality, fun and engaging special features, and complete usability, which together with Samsung’s innovative dual screen technology adds up to a premium compact camera package for easy to capture self portraits.

The ST700 represents the ultimate in dual screen innovation from Samsung. The new camera boasts a 1.8” front LCD screen, the largest ever incorporated into this style of camera, giving even more opportunities for portrait self-shooting, which has become the hallmark of the DualView camera. The impressive front screen is complemented by a new 3.0” touch screen with Smart Access UI on the back of the camera for seamless usability and clear, crisp image display. The ST700 doesn’t lose out on quality either. With a 16.1 Megapixel (MP) image sensor and a 26mm 5x optical zoom lens for innovative image capturing, the ST700 is the most advanced DualView camera to date, allowing you to be part of the perfect moment.

The PL170 and PL120 will bring the added value of dual screen technology to all camera users, letting every photographer get out from behind the lens and start self-shooting in style. In addition to the bright 1.5” front screens that allow you to perfectly frame your portrait, these two models also incorporate the Easy Self Shot feature from the ST700, which allows you to turn on only the front screen for added privacy.

Samsung first brought the DualView technology innovation to the market towards the end of 2009. Since then, additional models have strengthened Samsung’s presence in this field, while also rapidly expanding the company’s market share within compact cameras as a whole.

“We are very proud that our DualView technology has struck such a chord with our customers and we are determined to make sure that we continue to innovate with this unique technology,” said Mr. Hyunho Chung, Executive Vice President and Head of the Digital Imaging Business, Samsung Electronics. “Last year we introduced dual screen technology on many more of our products such as the ST600 and ST100. In 2011, we will do the same, while also showcasing our innovation with the unprecedented ST700, simply the best dual screen camera we have ever made. We look forward to these products improving our customers’ lives in the same way that they have helped us to grow our market share over the past two years, and we will continue to innovate to make sure we have complete ownership of this area of the market.”

Picture Perfect Portraits

DualView cameras were designed with self-portrait photography in mind, and the new models take this to the next level to ensure you can place yourself in the perfect moment. In addition to the innovative new Easy Self Shot feature, the ST700 also includes a new Children mode that allows you to create your own animations to keep kids happy and engaged when you want to capture those special family memories. All three models use 26mm lenses for a wider and deeper perspective that is ideal for portraits. The ST700 and PL170 have 16.1MP sensors for some of the sharpest images available, with the PL120 at 14.2MP.

Seamlessly Simple to use

For the new ST700 model, Samsung has also used its strength in the Smartphone market to develop a new Smart Access user interface (UI). The touch-based UI works in the same quick, intuitive way as many Smartphones, meaning that everyone will find the ST700 quick and easy to operate, and that even advanced functions can be simply done using a few touches of the buttons on the large, clear 3.0” wide touch LCD screen. The Smart Access UI enables users to drag, click and control ‘app-style’ icons, easily flip through photos, and control a range of the camera’s features.

Fun for all the Family

The three new models also take on a sense of fun, which is a big part of the DualView photography experience - putting artistic, professional pictures within reach of even novice users. All three models come equipped with a HD Movie recording feature, so you have the control to capture great videos alongside your still images. The Smart 2.0 filters, such as ‘soft focus’, ‘half-tone dot’ and ‘cinema’ sit alongside more common features such as ‘fish-eye’, ‘miniature’ and ‘sketch’ in the three new models, giving entertaining and professional finishes at the touch of a button.

You can also deploy the newly added Magic Frame feature to instantly create formatted postcards or posters to share with your friends and family. By simply pre-selecting the template available on the camera and then taking your picture, the photo will automatically appear on selected template for original photo display. In addition, the ST700 and PL170 feature an HDMI output feature which provides seamless connectivity to your TV, and also come in four great stylish colors. Making a poster or a fun post card of you with friends has never been easier with the Magic frame capability.

Smarter than Ever

All three new models also include Samsung’s Smart Auto feature, which works for both still and video images. The system analyzes key elements of your shot like brightness, color and motion and automatically adjusts the camera’s settings to get the perfect shot. Smart Auto includes 16 different modes for images and four for video. Users also have the option of controlling advanced features by selecting manual control.

Samsung SH100 specifications





• 1/2.33" (Approx. 7.76cm) CCD • 16.1 million pixels

• 1/2.33" (Approx. 7.76cm) CCD• 16.1 million pixels

• 1/2.33" (Approx. 7.76cm) CCD• 14.2 million pixels

Movie mode

• 1280x720 @ 30fps• HDMI

Image stabilization

Yes, optical stabilization


• f = 4.7 - 23.5mm.• 26 - 130mm equiv. • 5x Optical Zoom Lens • Samsung lens

LCD monitor

• 3.0" Touch LCD (230K) • 1.8" Front LCD (61K)

• 3.0" LCD (230K)• 1.5" Front LCD (61K)

• 2.7" LCD (230K)• 1.5" Front LCD (61K)

Additional features

• Easy Self shot (power off the main LCD) • Front Display Feature modes • Smart Access UI • Magic Frame • Magazine Album • Face Detect & Tracking • Smart Face Recognition • Smart Auto 2.0 (Movie& Still) • Smart Filter2.0 • Smart AlbumMagazine Album • Beauty Shot • Built In SW (Intelli-Studio) • Multi Slide Show • High Sensitivity ISO3200 (Full Size)

• Easy Self shot (power off the main LCD)• Front Display Feature modes• Magic Frame• Smart Face Recognition • Smart Auto 2.0 (Movie & Still)• Smart Filter 2.0• Smart Album• Face Detect & Tracking• Beauty Shot• Object Tracking AF • Multi Slide Show • High Sensitivity ISO3200 (Full Size)

• Front Display Feature modes• Magic Frame• Smart Face Recognition • Smart Auto 2.0 (Movie & Still)• Smart Filter 2.0• Smart Album• Face Detect & Tracking• Beauty Shot• Object Tracking AF • Multi Slide Show • High Sensitivity ISO3200 (Full Size)

Weight (no batt)



98mm x 55mm x 20mm

95mm x 57mm x 19mm

94mm x 54mm x 19mm

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