Samsung NX10 Prosumer Digital Camera 14.6 MP 18-55mm Lens Black (EV-NX10ZZBABUS)

rinnadewatasari 12/08/2021 1557

This is the best camera you can find. It is comparable to other cameras on the market, but this not only cheaper but you gain more features. The only slight downside to the camera vs other Samsung Point and Shoot cameras, is that you have to take out the battery to charge it. You cannot simply plug it into your computer and charge up the battery. Minor draw back. Beyond that there are no other draw backs to this camera. It is super easy to use, super easy to switch from various functions and features and manual features. It allows for control when you want it, and ease when you just want to snap something great while you are there. The dial on the right side allows you to change the exposure with ease while looking at the picture you are taking. Every button is laid out perfectly where it can be reached easily but not in your way that you are accidently pushing buttons. It is smaller and lighter than other cameras like it, and it is packed with more features for less. I have used other brand cameras before buying this one, and the Samsung Nx10 is the clear winner on all counts. You will not be disappointed with this camera. the lens that it comes with is great, I additional ordered lens that is easily changed out. Samsung Len

ses are hard to find, but remember that Pentax and Sigma make lenses that fit (size) this camera. Also if you are worried about the size of the camera not fitting other lenses, there is also an adaptor that can be purchased ($30) that fits on the end of this camera that allows for any lens to be used with it. I was worried that by going with the small size of the Samsung Nx10 (being mirror-less) that I would limit myself to only being able to explore what Samsung put out there for it, not the case. Additional lens, and accessories are available and you will NOT be limited with this camera. You can buy whatever you want for it, but you really wont need to buy lots and lots with it, the camera is jam packed with features as it is, and the lenses available cover just about everything you will want to do. There is nothing limiting about this camera at all. Everything that worried me about buying it has been solved and cleared up and it is amazing. I recommend it to anyone from beginners to pros, because you can add anything you want to explore where you want. I like to think of other brands saying "we have a lens for that" while Samsung says "we have a function for that" its the best all around package camera you will ever find.

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