Samsung NX3000 Wireless Smart 20.3MP Digital Camera Review

rinnadewatasari 14/08/2021 1556

The Samsung NX3000 is a smart digital camera with a 20.3 MP APS-C CMOS sensor and an adjustable 3-inch display. Thanks to the fast 5 fps

continuous shooting

, 1 / 4,000 second shutter speed and the power sensor, it is possible to capture every moment in focus.

The Flip-Up Display with ‘Wink Shot’ ensures that you can easily take selfie shots. You simply open up the display, strike a pose, wink at the camera and your selfie is taken by the camera.

All video recordings are done in

Full HD

while pictures are captured in JPEG format. Like other Samsung SMART cameras, the NX3000 comes with the standard Tag & Go functionality.

Features for the Samsung NX3000

With this smart camera, you can easily send or

transfer pictures

to other devices like a mobile phones via



NFC connectivity

using the Photo Beam and MobileLink features.

Other smart features like the Autoshare utility make it possible for any pictures taken with this camera to be instantaneously transferred to a compatible smart phone without recourse to a memory card. Photo Beam, Remote Viewfinder Pro or Mobile Link. This is a great time saver and it also conserves memory space on the installed memory card on the camera.


Samsung NX3000

camera comes with the new 16 – 50 millimeter F3.5-5.6 Power Zoom ED OIS lens. This powerful, compact and lightweight lens provides bright images in full detail.

With the

Remote Viewfinder Pro

, you get operate the 16-50mm Power Zoom of the camera while using your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) as a remote control. This function can also be used to adjust the picture settings, frame the picture and preview all camera shots before they are taken.

The NX3000 camera is equipped with a

20.3 megapixel CCD chip

. This high resolution chip helps the camera to print photos in poster sizes.

A scroll wheel allows you to switch easily between exposures. All the menus on the camera are accompanied by brief help texts. That is especially helpful if you don’t have the manual with you or you have limited experience with the camera and are just trying to get the hang of it.

The NX3000 camera’s lens has an i-function feature which helps the user to quickly change the most frequently used settings on the camera by pressing the i-function button on the side of the lens. The pre-set settings such as the aperture, white balance and shutter speed can be modified and customized as desired by the user with the i-function feature.

The memory is expandable with a memory card (microSD, microSDHC and microSXHC). The camera also supports


which makes it so easy to share pictures with your smartphone or tablet.


Product Dimensions – 4.6 x 1.5 x 2.6 inches

Product Weight – 1.4 pounds

Shipping Weight – 1.6 pounds

Product Model Number – EV-NX3000BEHUS

Color – White

Batteries – Yes (1 Li ion battery required, included)

Type Of Camera Lens- Interchangeable

Battery Voltage – 3.8 Volts

Battery Weight – 38.5 grams

Optimum Focal Length – 50

Optimum Shutter Speed – 1/4000 of a second

Optimum Horizontal Resolution – 5,472

Compatible Mountings – Samsung NX

Continuous Shooting Speed – 5 fps

Digital Zoom Of Camera Lens – 2x

Image Aspect Ratio – 16:9, 1:1, 3:2

Image Types – JPEG


It has a “winkie” shot feature for taking selfies

The pictures are clear and sharp

It is user friendly and easy to operate


The autofocus feature doesn’t work well in dim lighting conditions

The display has a low resolution

Final Verdict

This is a great entry-level camera that competes favorably with other cameras. The

Samsung NX3000 smart camera

has a many smart features which make it a good purchase. I find the price / quality ratio to be good too.

The camera is highly recommended for users who are interested in photography and need a camera with sophisticated design and also offers high-quality, sharp images.

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