Samsung Suggests Galaxy S6 Camera To Be Better In Low Light Than iPhone 6

rinnadewatasari 22/10/2021 1729

Announced at the MWC event in barcelona, Samsung released its biggest flagship smartphone for the year 2015, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Both of these smartphones are packed with latest tech that Samsung could bestow so far. The stunning design of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge is new to Samsung's eco-system with a metal frame and glass back. After a great success of its close cousin, the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung has pledged to manufacture a display with an even greater resolution reaching out to 577 pixels per inch after the math.

However, at the press conference, Samsung stated that the rear camera of the Galaxy S6 is far superior to the Apple iPhone 6. To prove this point, Samsung showed two pictures for comparison. One was taken with iPhone 6, and the other was Samsung's Galaxy S6. Both pictures were taken at the right time, and all scenes remained the same. The key is to pay attention to better low-light shooters.

Samsung Beats Apple In Camera Test?

As you can see from the images provided, Samsung's flagship has produced a much brighter image compared to that of iPhone 6. The overall feel of the image by Galaxy S6 is much better than iPhone 6. The low light sensitivity is greater in the Galaxy S6 and as a result the color production with adequate exposure is way better than the iPhone. Maybe its too early to judge since Samsung's flagship has not released yet and final conclusions can not be drawn considering Samsung's statistics. We will surely cover a post separately for which smartphone has the best cameras after the final release.

Without bragging, Samsung’s rear camera specification sheet includes: 16-megapixel sensor, real-time HDR, aperture f/1.9, LED flash and intelligent optical image stabilization. Turning now to the front camera, the Samsung Galaxy S6 saw a 5 megapixel camera with the same f/1.9 aperture but very wide. The front camera provides a vast space for selfies and other things, which is huge for Samsung compared to all other smartphone flagships.

We will cover both of Samsung's flagships in detail so do stay with us and let us know if you have any questions or opinions regarding Samsung's Galaxy S6's Camera. Thats all for now folks, feel free to comment and share your views.

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