SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless Gaming Headset – Integrated Xbox Wireless + Bluetooth – 20+ Hour Battery Life – for Xbox One and Series X

rinnadewatasari 12/08/2021 1636

I have been through a few pairs of Xbox headphones over the last 7 years of my consoles life. Over the first 5 or 6 years i had two pairs of Turtle beach stealth 600s and never had any issues, however wanted to upgrade last year as i figured it was time.Last summer i research a new pair of headphones heavily and settled on the Lucidsound LX35's, which were at the time number one or two on many people's list. I had a ton of trouble with these, they were heavy and bulky, and they never really felt like the kind of pair i would expect as someone's number one. After just 6 months of regular usage and treating them what i would describe as very average, the right side plastic cracked and the earcup was basically falling off.After that disappointment i went back and researched again and settled on these which again are number one or two consistently on everyone's top ten list. I picked them up a little over a month ago, despite reading some sketchy reviews on Reddit, and immediately was impressed by the construction, and feel. I will break down a few pros and cons below, but the TL:DR is that they are worth the money.Pros-Excellent sound, i use them for a variety of games from Call of Duty to Sea of Thieves, and the sound is great. There are several sound profiles so you can set it to where you want it.-They are comfortable. My gaming sessions can span from an hour to 5 hours, and throughout that time i have not had any issues with fatigue. They do get a little warm at the ears, but I never really realize until i take them off and the cool air hits my ears.-Connection is reliable. When i boot these up they connect immediately, throughout the last month or so there may have been once or twice when they didn't connect immediately or they skipped a bit, however it is not a constant issue at all.-Construction is solid. As mentioned my last headphones cracked at the point where the band meets the ear cup, even though these have an even smaller connection, it feels more solid.-TV/Movie viewing is awesome. I frequently watch TV in the backgroun

d while doing dishes or cleaning up, and i will throw these on to be able to hear without blasting the TV. Sound is rich and easy to adjust.-Bluetooth connection is an awesome feature. Kind of crazy that more headphones dont have bluetooth along with the xbox connectivity. It is a great feature to have, i enjoy listening to music while playing games, and to have it pipe in along with game sound is nice.Cons (to be honest, difficult to come up with these which is a great thing)-The volume button on the right side is sensitive. There have been more than a few occasions where i put the headset on or take it off and accidentally knock the volume up or down. It is something to look out for, and i still think with time i will get better at avoiding it.- The microphone muting system. I am reaching a bit here, but coming from turtle beaches where when you flip the mic arm up it mutes automatically, on these headphones when you push the mic into the headphones, it does not mute it. Would be a nice feature if it muted but regardless the mute button is large and it is clearly muted with the red light.-Charging. no USB C kind of sucks, and it definitely does not make this device future proof as you will always need to carry around a micro USB.-No mic monitoring. Again a bit of a reach, but coming from headphones that have this feature (allows you to hear your own voice playback in the headphones) it took a bit to get used to. It was useful to me as it let me hear how loud i was being, and being a loud person it helped me shut up.-The head band is large. Another reach, but the headband is very thick and it always leaves a rather large indentation in my hair after pretty much any gaming session. If you have any sort of social engagement, I wouldn't recommend wearing these beforehand, which kind of sucks if you want to get that last round of COD in before heading out to dinner with friends.Overall, these are excellent and i have already recommended them to a few friends. The pro's FAR outweigh the cons, and most people will absolutely love them.

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