What is it cheap and easy to Bluetooth? 500 yuan Bluetooth headset cost-effective king

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What is it cheap and easy to Bluetooth? 500 yuan Bluetooth headset cost-effective king

My family is far from the company. I often take the bus to turn the subway. The commuter time is very long. I want to make full use of this time. I must prepare a pair of headphones. Whether it is listening, listening to songs, still watching video, very Convenience. There are too many "difficult", taking advantage of the June 18 discount, listing the Bluetooth headphones of several headphones cheaper, and the price is within 500, for reference only.

First, South Card LitePro Bluetooth Headset (399)

Bluetooth version: 5.2

South Card Lite Pro Hemor-to-ear shape, fresh and natural maplends white main adjustment, the whole weight is very light, single headphones are only 3.8g, light as good, really unwaped, simple and elegant, strict crafts, Dynamic art, the mini exquisite, becoming the most exciting in this street. In the top texture, South Car Lite Pro is not disappointed, using Qualcomm 3040 chip + upgrade Bluetooth 5.2+ ceramic antenna, three-layer strengthen, more connection distance, more stable, more resistant to anti-interference ability, and ceramic antenna Antioxidant, durable, and signals are always stable.

Second, cool dog X5 true wireless Bluetooth headset (379)

Bluetooth version: 5.0

The cool dog X5 headset uses a 6mm graphene biofilm, optimizes music expressions. When listening to music, you can feel the left and right earrings around stereo, QUALCOMM Qualcomm system-level chip QCC3026, support Bluetooth 5.0, which can transmit APTXTM high quality music. Bluetooth 5.0 technology is currently the best Bluetooth connection technology, with low power consumption, wide coverage, and a significant increase in response, and can be compatible with low versions. Cool dog X5 supports IPX4 level waterproof, it is necessary to note that this waterproof level is just anti-splash, sweat, pay attention to not large-scale contact with water, such as shower, rinsing, etc.

Third, JBL TUNE120TWS Bluetooth Headset (459)

Bluetooth version: 4.2

If you want to wear stunned first when you exercise fitness, this JBL wireless headset uses a true wireless design, gets rid of the linkage of the cable, more comfortable with the heart. The outer design of the aurical design of ergonomics makes the bonding more stable, the earplugs made of high-quality materials have long wear pain. For many friends of many fitness sports, although I don't feel that the headphones have multiple, but when you get a fitness exercise, you can feel the weight of the headphones and wear more and more uncomfortable. The product made of lightweight material is only 6.8g, which is only 6.8g, and does not feel the weight in my long-lasting exercise.

Fourth, FIL T1Lite Bluetooth Headset (199)

Bluetooth version: 5.0

The profile design of the headphones unit is a small-scale design, and the ergonomic is in the ear-type design, the earmuff portion is a silica gel material. The ear is comfortable and has a good sound insulation effect, with the silicone ears of the outer ring, it will be better in the wearing, and also add the comfort of the wear experience. Fiil T1lite's wear experience feels very good. In-ear design with soft skin silica gel earmuffs and ear wings, plus lightweight weight (single headphones 4.8g), a good experience in comfort. The artificial shape design is also very brought very well in the eclip part of the human body, plus itself, there is no violation of it after it is worn. This true wireless design is less than a kind of jealousy, and it is more free to wear a feeling in the hands of the portable star Pro's neck. Wearing this true wireless Bluetooth headset, many friends may be very worried that it is easy to fall, the landlord invited colleagues to do a demonstration, in the choice of the actual effect of the earmuffs and the ear wo, it is very stable. . Even if it is a case where the head does not appears, if if the reason is too good, it cannot be guaranteed by 100%. At the same time, the headset IP65 dustproof waterproof, wear it in daily or exercise. Worried about the risk of water.

Five, Wan Mode Stylish Bluetooth Headset (447)

Bluetooth version: 5.0

1MORE STYLISH This round of round design style, excellent skin-friendly silicone material plus a roll of glossy metals and battery bins and controllers. From the visual and tactile, the double ultimate experience is given. Quite enjoyable. The earphones uses a vacuum electroplating process ABS plastic, which guarantees that the earphones is 23.5 grams of the earphones. The sound-changing tail tube protective cover is used, which is very detailed to 1MORE LOGO on the condom. Skin silica gel earnings are integrated design, and the left and right engraved the convenient identification, 45 ° obliquely, I feel comfortable, and the slogan is soft. 125 mAfter's battery bin is printed on the right side of the headset, and there is a 1MORE logo. The official data is available for 6 hours, and it is easy to measure 6+.

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