Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound, Wireless Headphones with Microphone

rinnadewatasari 25/08/2021 1685

I've never been this disappointed with a Logitech product before.First the good points. The sound quality is excellent, no one has ever had a problem hearing me. I never got a 10 hour charge out of the batteries as advertised, but got 5 or 6 at first. They are comfortable, they don't weight too much, they wrap securely around my head without being too tight and do a good job blocking out outside sound. They give you a really long USB cable with a base you can wrap it around to shorten to whatever you desire. At first it really appeared to be a fantastic product.Then came the problems. Right off the bat I noticed it had problems staying connected. Probably 5-6 times per day, it will give out a short beep and lose the connection for about 5-10 seconds, and give me a double beep and reconnect. Since it always reconnects on its own It isn't terrible enough for me to have returned the product, but over the 7 months or so that I've owned it, it started to make me hate the thing. It was frequent enough that it would often make me have to rewind in a movie or show I was watching, or I'd miss an important moment in a video game, or I'd have to ask someone to repeat themselves when I was on a work call. It wouldn't be so bad if it only happened when using the headset wirelessly, but it has this problem even if you have the USB cable plugged in, as it only seems to use that cable for charging and not to send data over USB like their wireless mouses.Even worse, about once or twice a week it will start making a low humming sound that gradually builds into deafening buzzing. It sounds a lot like feedback but it happens even if the mic is muted so I have no idea what the issue is. Turning the headset off and then back on a few minutes later fixes it, but if you turn it off and back on quickly it's still there, you really do have to wait a few minutes which is absolutely unacceptable if you're using this thing for a work call.Battery life has gotten bad quickly. I know rechargeable batteries have a limited life-cycle but I expected it to at least be decent until I was past the warranty period, but I've only had it for 7 months. I feel like it only gets about 2.5-3 hours after charging all night now. I'll have to do a test and come back and edit this with specific results.The last straw was the mechanism that keeps the right headphone tight and in place broke. Since they wrap fairly securely around my head and ears, I typically remove the headphones by grabbing the right side and pulling it off my right ear then sliding the headphones off my head. Apparently this was too much strain on the piece of plastic used there, because it just snapped off and flew across the room one day, leaving the right headphone loose and making the product no longer comfortable or secure around my head. (Picture of the broken product attached to this review) I'm still well within the warranty period so I decide to RMA these things and hope for better results with the replacement.Logitech support, which used to be incredible, has taken a real dive apparently. Here is my support horror story: I opened my first support ticket 10 days ago, no response. I did a live chat a couple days later, the agent told me he was going to get me an RMA and to hold on, then I got kicked out of the live chat for taking

too long to respond to the agent even though he told me to "hold on" while he processed my RMA. There was no way for me to get back into the live chat or even start a new live chat under the same support ticket, so I had to open a new ticket and start a new live chat with a different person, explained the situation to her, she said she talked to the other agent and he was going to process my RMA request and that I'd get an email within an hour.I waited 2 days and never got the email (checked spam, etc.), so I called their support phone number. Unfortunately during that call the headphones started doing that loud buzzing/feedback thing and I had to turn them off, and I guess while I was unresponsive the agent hung up on me. So another 2 days later I tried a live chat again and got that first agent, and I referred him back to the prior ticket and chat and he said he didn't know why the RMA didn't go through before but their new system has some bugs that haven't been worked out. He started the process over again but this time we had to make sure to keep talking while he processed the RMA. He would type something like "I'm typing this so the chat doesn't kick us out" and I'd respond with "I'm responding for the same reason". This exchange went on for 36 minutes (I have the chat logs), which was going to make me late for an appointment, so I had to get in my car, remote into my computer through my phone, and every few minutes type something into the live chat so I didn't get kicked out and have to start all over again, while driving. Finally he told me my RMA was processed and I'd get an email within an hour.I never got that email either. I wait two more days and try another live chat. I explain to the new agent, give her all my pending support tickets for reference, she apologizes, says she will escalate this to the senior level, and says someone should contact me within 48 hours. I tell her "okay, what do I do if no one contacts me? Because this keeps happening." She responds, and this is a direct quote, by saying "I will make sure, you will receive a response on this matter."48 hours later, no one has contacted me. I try phone support again (I use my cell phone this time since I can't trust this headset), and I tell the agent all of the above and give him all my various pending support tickets ( I now have 7 pending support tickets for this one issue, because there is no way to open a live chat under an existing ticket and starting a new live chat creates a new ticket ). The agent on the phone says "wow this is a real mess" and I agree. He promises to send me an email and stays on the phone with me, I get it instantly, proving I'm capable of receiving emails from Logitech support. The email requested a bunch of information that they already have because I registered my product to my logitech account and provided the proof of purchase and a picture of the problem and everything in my first support ticket, but I filled it out again and responded. That was yesterday. As of today, one of my 7 support tickets says "RMA pending". I'm still waiting on the actual RMA, at which point I will have to ship my product to them and wait until they ship a new / refurbished product back to me. Hopefully.This is the kind of support experience I expect from Comcast, not Logitech.

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